It is Simple.

I Help Business Owners
Achieve Their Dreams

through Clarity of Purpose
and Fully-Aligned Actions

Helping Weary, Confused, Time-Sucked, Fed-Up, “WTF” Yelling Business Owners Figure Out How To Take the Right Steps to Success… and Bigger Profits!

Business success is achieved through great decision making, supported by intelligent action. But what if you simply don’t
know what action is the right one to take or are overwhelmed
by the options?

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is paralyzed because you just don’t know what to do to get your [idea] [product] [expertise] out into the world…


Your business is running but sucking all of your time [and the
life] out of you so it feels like you cannot get to the next level…


You just need someone who really understands business to bounce your ideas off of, to tell you what is likely to work and what won’t, and then help you plan out the next steps of
execution to make it happen…

Then it’s time we talk, because I can help you!

Let’s Talk!

And you thought running
a business would be easy…

Yah,  Right!

Running a business is hard, especially when you take into account that most business owners have very limited (or no) prior business experience. Then, there are all the complexities of running a business in today’s environment:

  • Uber-connectivity and the struggle to get heard above all the noise (the Internet can be a business owner’s best friend or greatest enemy!)
  • An endless sea of technology solutions that seem to
    change by the second. (Technically challenged? You’re pretty much screwed!)
  • More information about what to do and what not to do
    from so-called “experts” than an human brain can compute.

What is a business owner to do?

As my earliest clients often remarked: “Simple! Get your
very own ‘Carolyn Crummey’ and start developing the actionable strategies and using the right tools to take
your business to the next level!”

I Need a Carolyn Crummey

Our Client are All Smiles

Carolyn’s genuine regard, interest, and support feels like a shared investment, a partnership—this is not a generic one-size fits all relationship!Rosalinda Randall
Carolyn Crummey: smart, strategic, and highly skilled with helping you put systems into place. To work with Carolyn and her team is the best business decision I have made.Elaine Froese
We absolutely love to work together with Carolyn. Her enthusiasm and hands-on mentality is always refreshing and helps to keep focus. Her willing to succeed is inspiring.Kimberly Rodatos
Wyatt Blue - Gameday Trainers testimonial
Carolyn and her team at Virtasktic are the best thing that has happened to my business!

They helped turn my business from a one man, out of the basement operation to a full scale, professionally run business in a matter of 6 months. Our efficiency and profits are 3x what they were before I met Carolyn. Her expertise on the ins and outs of small business, and how to maximize efficiency while also improving effectiveness are unparalleled. Our business has grown significantly in the past year, and we have Carolyn to thank for our success.

From streamlining processes for managing staff, helping establish new key clients, to providing the best customer service I have encountered, Carolyn and her team at VirTasktic do it all!Wyatt Blue - Gameday Trainers

What Happens When You Add a Carolyn Crummey to Your Business?

As a business owner, you need someone with strong business experience you can trust and rely on to provide you
with the answers, support and solid advice you need.

That’s what you get when we start working together one-on-one.

  • You’ll build a solid business foundation of tools and systems to support growth to any level.

  • You’ll solve the problems that have you and your business paralyzed.

  • You’ll have an experienced sounding board to bounce new business ideas off of and get honest feedback based on real experience.

  • You’ll see the possibilities in your business that you otherwise might not… and learn exactly what to do, step-by-step, to get the results you want.

Working one-on-one with me, you will have the support, the answers, the strategies and the clarity you need to create the business of your dreams. And unlike many other coaches, mentors and advisors – I’m not just going to give you some ideas and then set you off on your own to get things done. I’m going to tell you how to get it done and even offer you the resources to make it happen!

No more missed opportunities.  No more wasted time.  No more spinning your wheels.

What are you Waiting For?

You never fail until you stop trying.

– Albert Einstein

You can wait to see if you can figure all this business stuff out on your own,
but if you’re here, that probably isn’t going to happen.

So… just click the button!

My Business Needs a Carolyn Crummey

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