Self-made, self-taught and always successful.

That’s me!

I have over three decades of experience in all aspects required to start, manage and run a successful small business. And I didn’t get my experience from a book! I got it from doing it! (I’ve already made most of the mistakes and learned from them!)

I started my work career from scratch with a position at the bottom rung of the ladder (back in 1996 getting paid $8.27 p/hr was scratch!) and built a remarkable career through an insatiable desire to learn, diligence, smart decisions, and hard work. That led me to a six-figure salary by 2002.

And I did that while raising two young daughters.

In 2009 I decided to leave my successful executive position and embark on the journey to bring my expertise to others who needed a ‘Carolyn Crummey’ in their business. That path led me to launch VirTasktic, a now thriving business support agency dedicated to helping small business owners.

Since then, I have been living MY DREAM of helping business owners and entrepreneurs create the business of their dreams by showing them how to develop effective strategies, use the right tools and take smart actions that build sustainable businesses that matter.

“Creating small business success is what I know. As a child of small business owners and having worked primarily in the small business and entrepreneurial start-up environment, I intimately understand the unique challenges faced by today’s business owner. With my finger on the pulse of small business, I know exactly what strategies and tools are needed to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.

I am now dedicated to bringing my years of operations, management, and business efficiency experience to small business owners who need a dynamic individual to help guide them and their business so they can reach the next level of success.”